Applications of Text Messaging Service

One of the biggest accidental successes which took the mobile industry by surprise was the facility to send SMS Messages. This happened mainly because it was easier for people to check text messages than check an email or respond to a phone call. Important and urgent messages were received in just a matter of few seconds. No one expected it to become such a super hit as service providers had never made any mention or promotion for this means of communication. They started advertising of text messaging only after this method of communication started to become popular. Today, SMS is supported by all the currently used cell phone networks that are GSM, CDMA and TDMA-based. SMS-based services have been available for quite some time now. However, in the recent years, they have become even more feasible and attractive to service providers as well as to customers because of more cell phone penetration in the markets.By clicking here we get info about text messaging service

Reach Out To Many in a Single Click
Messaging in bulk is the sending out of many short messages for delivery to various mobile phone terminals within a single click. Sending messages in bulk are especially useful for banks, media companies, consumer brands and other enterprises. This is done for many purposes like mobile marketing, passing on alerts and information as well as for entertainment. One tap or one click of the phone is just enough to send the SMS to a large number people who are listed in the contact list. Bulk SMS in the UK can be done in four easy steps. Firstly, the subscriber has to sign up. The next step is that the recipients’ numbers have to be entered. Now the text can be typed out and it is ready to be sent. Messaging can be done immediately or it can be scheduled for later.

Bulk marketing of SMS messages cost up to 50% less than sending out regular messages. Therefore it is the most cost-efficient tool for businesses to reach out to their customers. Bulk SMS in UK is now available for as low as 1.5 pence per text. There are many providers who give the facility to send up to 100 webs-to- mobile messages a second. The average time for the delivery of a text is just 15 seconds.

Call Emergency Services with SMS
Nowadays many countries are encouraging the use of texting in case of an emergency. For this, the subscriber has to register with an emergency SMS service. This is especially important when the person cannot make a voice call due to any disability. Mountain climbers and walkers can send SMS Messages to an emergency service from locations where there is low signal strength and making a voice call is not possible.